Cory Billig Project Manager

CMA Principal Patrick G. Blees announced today that Cory Billig has been promoted from Project Lead to Project Manager at CMA. Cory joined CMA in 2010 as a Project Coordinator. In 2013 was promoted to Project Lead. As of November 2016 Cory is now a Project Manager at CMA.

Cory Billig has over 10 years’ experience in Architecture. Cory started as a Project Coordinator, promoted to a Project Lead and most recently promoted to a Project Manager. Cory’s past CMA projects include; Best Buy Mobile, Torrid, Carver County and True Religion. Currently Cory manages several accounts including; Skechers, Lucky Brand, The Art of Shaving, Fastsigns, Lovesick, and Dogtopia. Cory’s client base continues to grow. Referring to the promotion, Associate Vice President, Tracy Borchardt said, “Cory has excelled since day one at CMA. His ability to execute our clients’ vision, exceed their expectations time and time again, all while representing our firm at a very high level lead to his well deserved promotion.”
Cory has a Degree in Architectural CAD from Northwestern Technical Institute. Received the 2006 Honor Certificate Presented by Northwestern Technical Institute for demonstrating exemplary academic and personal skills as well as maintaining the highest GPA in the graduating class.